Statistics on Android

January 7, 2014 | Sam Wynbrandt | Diabetes Management, Glooko Products

Hi Glookonians,

You asked and we delivered. We’re excited to announce Statistics for Android!

Armed with personalized blood glucose statistics, you will be empowered to make more informed decisions about your diabetes.

The Statistics section is two parts. The All Readings section displays summary statistics for all your blood glucose data.


The Readings by Meal section can be helpful for spotting trends in your blood glucose data. It displays the percentage of your readings in target range across your meal times—morning, afternoon, evening and night.


Want to see 30 days worth of data? No problem! Simply select 30 Days from the time frame drop down and your data will be adjusted. Do you suspect your blood glucose values are a bit high after meals? Check it out by selecting the After Meal tag from the meal tag drop down – only the readings tagged as after meal will be included in the calculations!

Don’t forget that you can adjust both your target ranges and your meal times for a more personalized experience in the Settings section of the Glooko app.

As always, please send us any questions/comments/concerns you may have. We want to make this product as helpful and easy to use as we can. Hope you enjoy!

Sam Wynbrandt, Product Manager

Download the latest version of the app here:


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Diabetic Supplies at Everyday Low Prices

December 2, 2013 | Sidhtara Tep | Glooko Products



Just in time for the holiday season, Glooko is happy to announce that we are now available on!

Having diabetes can be very expensive and as one of the world’s largest retailers, Walmart works closely with suppliers to find ways to significantly reduce the cost of diabetes product for all consumers, regardless of insurance coverage and diabetes management needs.

Exclusively sold at Walmart, the ReliOn® brand brings to you a complete line of diabetic supplies. ReliOn’s dedication to helping you save money and live better can be seen through Walmart’s product offerings. Their offerings give customers like you a one-stop-shopping experience for diabetic supplies, and healthy grocery selections, in addition to wellness needs that includes exercising equipment, and personal hygiene needs. Such products are easily attainable at everyday low prices so you can rely on Walmart as being a strong support for your healthy lifestyle.

For your diabetes management needs, Glooko is compatible with the ReliOn® Prime and ReliOn® Confirm meters. Purchase the Glooko MeterSync Cable at, by clicking here!


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Glooko for Android

Glooko for Android – 4 Facts for Getting Started!

October 29, 2013 | Vikram Singh | Uncategorized

It’s official! After a year’s worth of development, the Glooko system is now available on Android!

Ever since Glooko launched customers have been asking for an Android version. We know it took a long time (certainly longer than we expected!), and we want to thank Glooko’s faithful fans for their patience. We think you’ll be happy with Glooko for Android.

Without further ado, here are four facts you need to know about Glooko for Android!

1. Glooko for Android is compatible with 24 glucose meters and 16 Android devices…

…And that number is growing fast! As a start, we decided to target the most popular Android devices currently on the market. Now that we have those covered, our team is making product developments that will help us quickly expand to more Android devices.

To see the full list of supported meters & Android devices, visit Glooko’s Android Compatibility page.

Glooko currently supports 15 Android phones + the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (GT-P3113)

2. Depending on the glucose meter, you need to purchase either the MeterSync Cable for Android or the USB On-the-Go cable.

The MeterSync Cable is the backbone of the Glooko system for Android and is needed to use Glooko with all supported meters with the exception of USB meters. Its production is the culmination of over a year’s worth of development and testing!

We’ll make sure the MeterSync Cable is compatible with the majority of Android devices released in the future. So if you’re planning on buying the hottest new Android that comes to market, don’t fret, this Glooko cable will likely support it.

For USB-enabled meters (including Bayer’s Contour USB, Next USB, and Next Link), Glooko can download readings using the USB  On-the-Go cable rather than the MeterSync Cable.  To find out what cable you need, visit Glooko’s Android Compatibility page.

Purchase Glooko’s MeterSync Cable for Android

The MeterSync Cable for Android supports all compatible meters asides from USB meters.

The MeterSync Cable for Android supports all compatible meters asides from USB meters.

3. Glooko’s Android app enables glucose data to be viewed online using the Web Dashboard.

When you create a Glooko account using the app, you gain access to Glooko’s Web Dashboard. The dashboard includes a graphical & statistical breakdown of all the data that you transfer from your glucose meter to your mobile device. The graphs section is interactive – if there is a reading that is of particular interest to you, simply click on it and the related notes will be presented. In addition, glucose reports can be created using the Web Dashboard so you can share with those people who need them.

Visit Glooko’s Web Dashboard

4. Your Glooko account can also be accessed by your Apple/iOS device.

We realize that you may be using both an Android device and Apple device, so we’ve made it easy to use Glooko on both. Regardless of whether you use Glooko for Android or Glooko for iOS (requires Glooko MeterSync Cable for iOS) to download your readings, you can use both to view data, add notes, or share reports!

Download Glooko on Google Play.

Download Glooko on iTunes. 


If you’re ready to get started visit ‘Get Glooko for Android.’ Don’t hesitate to contact our support team if you have questions – we’re here for you!


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Glooko’s Attending the AADE Conference, 2013!

August 5, 2013 | Vikram Singh | Uncategorized

Glooko is headed to Philadelphia to attend our second straight AADE conference. Judging by the outstanding folks we met last time around, this year’s get together should produce some amazing thought leadership – we’re so excited to be there!

Over the last several months, Glooko has had the opportunity to work with diabetes educators with increased frequency, and each of them has had a profound impact on our maturation as a product and company. Leading up to this year’s conference, we wanted to cast a larger net by sending a survey to 2000+ AADE attendees so we could figure out their thoughts on diabetes management. We’re asking the following hot button questions:

    1. What behavior modifications is most challenging for patients with diabetes?
    2. Amongst your patients, how many are using computer-generated logbooks?
    3. What is the most exciting use of technology for diabetes educators?

We’ll share those results at the conference. If you’ll be there, we would love for you to swing by our booth (#427), where we’ll be continuing this dialogue with the diabetes management community.

Those not able to attend can join the conversation as well. You can take the survey here and we’ll share our results on this blog after the conference.

Take the survey! 

If you like to set up a meeting at the conference or remotely, don’t hesitate to email me at

If you aren’t familiar with the Glooko system, we just created a new video that gives an overview! Check it out!


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5 FAQs about Glooko’s New Diabetes Management System

June 24, 2013 | Vikram Singh | Uncategorized

1. Why does Glooko now require users to create an account?

By creating an account, Glooko is able to offer a lot more functionality for users. When a user creates an account, their BG Data is stored on a secure, cloud-based server. Having data stored on the cloud allows us to make data accessible from multiple devices, including any of your compatible iOS devices and on supported Internet browsers. Haven’t had a chance to check out your data online yet? Sign into your dashboard at!

2. Can I use Glooko on more than one device?

Yes! As I mentioned above, having BG data securely stored on the cloud allows you to access your most up-to-date logbook from any compatible iOS device with Glooko installed. If you had Glooko installed on multiple iOS devices prior to Glooko 2.0 being released, please note that you can only ‘upgrade’ and create an account on one of the iOS devices. For the rest of them, you’ll need to delete the old Glooko application, download the new application from the app store, and login using the same account information you used for your upgrade.

Your most up-to-date logbook can be accessed from any compatible device.

Your most up-to-date logbook can be accessed from any compatible device.

3. Can I create a ‘Share PDF’ that includes more than one month’s worth of data?

Definitely. While the Glooko app only allows you to share PDFs that contain two weeks or one months worth of data, the Web Dashboard allows reports to be created using custom data ranges. To do so, login to your Web Dashboard and select the date range that you would like covered in your report. After that, click on ‘Create Report’ on the left hand side of the dashboard (right under your name), and a PDF of your BG data will be created!

To create a PDF report using the Web Dashboard, select your desired date range and then hit 'Create Report' in the left corner.

To create a PDF report using the Web Dashboard, select your desired date range and then hit ‘Create Report’ in the left corner.

4. Does the Web Dashboard allow for BG data to be viewed in mmol/L rather than mg/dL?

Not yet, but we’re working around the clock to allow mmol/L to be supported on the Web Dashboard. We hope to add this functionality within the next several weeks, and we apologize to all those Glooko users that aren’t able to use the Web Dashboard because of this delay. We promise it is a top priority!

5. When will Glooko come out with Android compatibility?!

Supporting Android is the next big hurdle for Glooko. We’re well on our way and barring serious setbacks, we plan on having it released by late-summer to early-fall. Stay tuned… we can’t wait to start serving Android users.

Android should be released by late-summer or early-fall!

Android should be released by late-summer or early-fall!



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New Glooko Diabetes Management System Launched!

June 10, 2013 | Vikram Singh | Uncategorized

Glooko users!

It’s official! Glooko has launched its new, unified diabetes management system! Before we dive into what features the new Glooko system offers, there are a couple items you should know before you download the new Glooko app from the App Store. The new Glooko app requires you:



1.  Create a personal, secure Glooko account before you can use the application. If you do not want to create an account with Glooko, do not upgrade to the new application. Once you’ve upgraded, you cannot revert back to the old application.

2. To have iOS 5.0 or greater.


Click here to download Glooko’s new application. 

You maybe asking yourself why Glooko is asking for you to create an account; the answer is that a personal account allows Glooko to offer a large expansion in functionality. This includes:

1. Glooko’s Web Dashboard When you register for an account using the Glooko App, statistical and graphical analysis of all of your synced blood glucose readings becomes available on Glooko’s Web Dashboard. To access your Web Dashboard, you must log in with your Glooko account information. The login portal is located at the top of Learn more about the Web Dashboard.

2. Syncing across platforms – By creating a Glooko account, you can now have access to your most up-to-date logbook on any supported iOS device that has the Glooko app installed!

Along with the cloud-based functionality that Glooko is offering with this new system, our team is especially excited about the new features that the application offers. We’ve broken the additional features down in this chart:

Comparison of features offered in the new Glooko System (App + Dashboard) compared to Glooko Logbook, Glooko's previous offering.

Comparison of features offered in the new Glooko System (App + Dashboard) compared to Glooko Logbook, Glooko’s previous offering.

REMEMBER! As you begin using the new Glooko system, don’t hesitate to contact our team with questions or feedback. Your feedback is crucial – it is what drives us to improve on a daily basis!




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Sneak Peek! 4 Features You’ll Love About the New Glooko System

May 23, 2013 | Vikram Singh | Uncategorized

Hi Glooko users!

You may have heard that Glooko recently received FDA 510(k) clearance for an updated version of our diabetes management system. Our team is extremely excited about this achievement, and we can’t wait to deliver the revamped Glooko system to you.

Though you’ll be able to access the new Glooko system within the next few weeks, we wanted to give you a peek into what we’ve got in store!

With the revamped Glooko system, we’ve not only worked on improving the interface and capabilities of the Glooko mobile app, but we’ve also created a web dashboard that aims to make it easier for you to access your logbook, analyze your data, and subsequently help you formulate a treatment regimen unique to your diabetes management needs. Here are some features that the new Glooko system provides:

Graphs & Stats on Glooko’s mobile app

When you sync your meter with Glooko’s app, blood glucose data is automatically processed into graphs and statistics. Averages by time of day and day of week are readily available, as well as averages before and after meals. Data can be graphed and analyzed in different time periods, from the previous two weeks to the previous 90 days.

Glooko's improved mobile app includes graphs and statistics.

Glooko’s improved mobile app includes graphs and statistics.

Share Report

Glooko has simplified sharing your blood glucose data with your diabetes care team by developing the Share Report. Amongst other analysis, the report includes charts mapping readings by time of day or date and a box-and-whiskers plot showing the variability of data by time of day. Using the Share Report, your health care provider can be more prepared to have a detailed discussion about your diabetes management, whether it is in his or her office or over the phone. To share the report, one must simply click share and enter the email address of the recipient!

Glooko's Share Report can be easily shared with members of your diabetes care team.

Glooko’s Share Report can be easily shared with members of your diabetes care team.

Web Dashboard

When you open your web dashboard, an analysis of your data will be presented, including your average number of readings per day and your average blood glucose at different times of day. Data can also be viewed within custom date ranges, which allows you to monitor to your progress on a weekly or monthly basis.

The All Readings portion of Glooko's web dashboard.

The All Readings portion of Glooko’s web dashboard.

Web Graphs

The Graphs section of the web dashboard enables charting of your blood glucose data to be available from any compatible internet browser. Using a scatter plot, readings can be identified as above, within, or below your ideal blood glucose range. This functionality can facilitate robust conversation between you and your care team.

The scatter plot portion of Glooko's web dashboard.

The scatter plot portion of Glooko’s web dashboard.


So there is a preview of Glooko’s web dashboard – we hope that you’re as excited as we are. The new Glooko system has much more to offer… but we can’t give away everything now!

We’re looking forward to presenting you with the full capabilities of the Glooko Diabetes Management System. Thanks for your continued support!



Glooko joins, Dropbox, and Uber as a Tech & Innovation Award Winner

May 17, 2013 | Vikram Singh | Uncategorized

Rick Altinger, CEO

Rick Altinger, CEO

It’s an exciting day at Glooko headquarters. The San Francisco Business Times just announced the 2013 winners of its Technology and Innovation Award, and we’re proud to say that Glooko won the award for Best Gadget!

Glooko was recognized as a group that ‘is bringing a much-needed technology upgrade to the daily headache of recording blood sugar levels’ for people with diabetes.

This award provides a great deal of satisfaction at a time when our team has been working extremely hard to launch the new and improved Glooko system. You may have heard that we just received FDA 510(k) clearance for this new system, which includes graphs & analytics for Glooko users within the application itself and provides a Web Dashboard that makes BG data accessible to both patients & their diabetes care teams.

While this award is great, our true validation comes from those people with diabetes who use the Glooko system and find that it makes managing diabetes an easier process. Here is what Rick Altinger, Glooko’s CEO, has to say:

“For me, this win is a sign that we’re on the right track in serving the needs of the diabetes community. I believe that we’re only at the beginning, and I hope that as Glooko becomes more advanced as a product and service, patients and their healthcare teams find managing diabetes easier and more effective.”

Click here to see the full article on Glooko’s win.

Glooko’s improved system is coming soon… stay tuned!


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Glooko Logbook Uncovered: New Home Screen!

March 28, 2013 | Sam Wynbrandt | Uncategorized

Hey Glooko users!

Sam here. I’d like to share with you some helpful tips for using the Glooko Logbook app. We’ve been working hard here at Glooko to come up with some innovative ways to help you better manage your diabetes.  You’ll love what we come out with next!

Last month we improved on the home screen of our Glooko Logbook app. We added some basic statistics to help provide some insight into your blood glucose levels.  Today I’d like to talk to you about the new statistics.

iosHome1Open your Glooko Logbook app and navigate to the home screen. The button at the top left represents the time frame you are currently viewing. Tap the button to toggle between ‘This Week’ and ‘This Month’.
You’ll see the largest number on the screen represents your blood glucose average for the current calendar week or month (depending on what is selected).

  • The current week runs from Sunday (midnight) through the current time.
  • The current month runs from the 1st to the current time.

Next to the main average, you’ll see a box titled ‘Last Week’ or ‘Last Month’. The average in that box is your blood glucose average over the previous calendar week or calendar month.




The High and Low values at the bottom of the screen represent your highest and lowest blood sugar values in the current week or month. Tap on each of those values to see that reading in the History list view. If you keep notes in your app, this will be a helpful tool for reviewing and understanding the cause of these high or low readings.






As you may know, you can tag your blood glucose readings as “before meal” or “after meal” when you download them to the Glooko Logbook app.  The more you tag, the more valuable your data will become.

In the top right corner of the screen, you can toggle through “All”, “before meal”, and “after meal” readings. The information on the screen is updated to correspond to the tag being displayed. An understanding of your blood glucose levels before and after meals can help in optimizing your glycemic control. Remember to tag your readings!




I hope this has been helpful. Please contact us if you have any questions, or just want to give us feedback on our product! And stay tuned for some updates on our new products coming to market!


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Glooko Logbook Adds Blood Glucose Averages

March 4, 2013 | Molly Leebove | Diabetes Management

Today, Glooko is launching a new version of the Glooko Logbook app.  The Glooko Logbook app will now offer weekly and monthly averages of your blood glucose values on the home screen.

imageIn a quest to understand the importance of this average, I sat down with Glooko’s Chief Medical Officer—Michael Greenfield and asked him to explain to me what an average can tell you and why it is important.

Why is your average blood glucose important?

Dr. Michael Greenfield: Averages are important because they give you a quick idea of how you are doing.  They also relate to your HbA1c, so you should have an idea about what your HbA1c levels will be.

What is HbA1c and how does it relate to your average?

Dr. Michael Greenfield: The HbA1c serves as your average blood glucose for the past 3 months by testing how much glucose you have in your blood.

To break this down a little more, we have hemoglobin, a protein inside our red blood cells that is designed to carry oxygen. Glucose (sugar) combines with this protein in a way that is permanent.  This allows us to get an idea about your average blood sugar for the past 120 days.

Below is a chart that you can use to see where your blood glucose average aligns with your HbA1c.   So if your average on the home screen is 124, you can expect an HbA1c of under 6%!


What are the limitations to the average or HbA1c?

Dr. Michael Greenfield: You have to be careful because an average does not tell you how variable your blood sugars are.  You may have a good average because you have both high and low blood glucose.  It is always good to seek outliers (highs and lows) and understand the role they play in your average number and how they affect your health.

Why is it important to compare week to week?

Dr. Michael Greenfield: It is important to look at the overall average over 1-2 weeks and compare to give you a sense of which way your control is headed.

Based on these you and your healthcare team can evaluate what you can do with diet, exercise and medication to better your diabetes management.

Features of this new home screen include:

  • Ability to view your average for this week vs. last week
  • Ability to view your average for this month vs. last month
  • Ability to view your average for before meal, after meal or all readings

Click here to download the newest version of Glooko Logbook!


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